Diagnostic of main characteristics of nervous system comparison of methods

Vladimir Vladimirovich Timokhin, Anna Vladimirovna Rumyantseva


Timokhin V.V., Rumyantseva A.V. Diagnostic of main characteristics of nervous system ‑ comparison of methods // Psychological science and practice: State of the Art. Collected papers / Ed. Kostrigin A.A. Chicago, 2017. P. 67-71.

Nowadays in psychological researches the most popular method for analyzing the main characteristics of the nervous system is the Pavlovian Temperament Survey (Strelau, Angleitner, Newberry, 1999). Despite the popularity of this test, it has some contines. One of them is what we found in our previous research that children under 13 have difficulties in answering questions.

The development of the computer technology allows us to create diagnostic and training programs that could be consistent with any age and attract the interesting of children. The example of this kind of programs is the Dargish. The Dargish is a diagnostic method which allowed us to detect the ratio between irritation and inhibition in the subject’s nervous system in a playful way (Shul'gina, 2016) which based on individual differences in generation of the conditioned responce (Pavlov, 1955).

A comparison of data about main characteristics of the nervous system which we obtained through Dargish and the Pavlovian Temperament Survey has a significant correlation between their results. 

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(c) 2017 Vladimir Vladimirovich Timokhin, Anna Vladimirovna Rumyantseva