irina Viktorovna Antonenko, Igor Nikolaevich Karitsky, Artem Andreevich Kostrigin


Modern psychology develops in all directions: theory and practice, historical-methodological and experimental research. Without claiming the completeness of the presentation of today's psychological research, we are pleased to present a collection of articles by authors from various fields of psychology.

Section "General Psychology" is represented by the following materials:

- V.V. Kozlov “Strategic implications for experimental study of connected breathing”;

- V.A. Mazilov “On way to new understanding of subject matter of psychology”;

- Yu.N. Slepko “Language of science as means of integrating of psychological knowledge”.


The section "Psychology of personality" is presented in the articles:

- I.V. Kalinin “Potential of mathematical metaphor for interpretation of personal meaning as mechanism of crisis of person”;

- D.M. Ramendik “Complex of individual features of adult as means of adaptation and self-realization”;

- V.V. Timokhin, K.A. Morozova “Comparison of different approaches to diagnosis of national and ethnic identity”.

Historical and psychological research was presented by the following authors:

- A.A. Kostrigin “Russian speculative and introspective psychology in 19th ‑ early 20th centuries”;

- V.A. Mazilov “M. Rogovin as outstanding methodologist of psychology”;

- M.D. Nyagolova “Notion of subject in psychological concept of Henri Wallon”;

- N.Yu. Stoyukhina “Periodization of psychology of impact in Soviet psychotechnics in 1920-1930s”.

Psychophysiological problems are represented by V.V. Timokhin and A.V. Rumyantseva “Diagnostic of main characteristics of nervous system ‑ comparison of methods”.

A wide range of issues was discussed in the section "Social psychology":

- V.S. Agapov, A.Yu. Davydova, N.N. Shentseva “Characteristics of disabled person`s achievement motivation”;

- I.V. Antonenko “Trust as personal competence”;

- E.V. Bakshutova “Socio-cognitive practices of grouping of cyberintelligentsia”;

- N.V. Kalinina “Fashion as factor of social adaptation of youth”;

- I.N. Karitsky “Psychological practices in innovative processes”;

- T.M. Khusyainov “Problem of perceiving of e-work in society”;

- V.V. Kolosova “Value orientations of personality as psychological mechanisms of professional socialization”;

- T.P. Skripkina “Basic concept of reliable personality”;

- S.V. Zorina “Workaholic: perfect, awful or doesn’t matter?”.

Among legal and psychological problems these ones were considered:

- L.F. Chuprov “Study and diagnostics in forensic-psychological expertise”;

- A.V. Mantikova “Experimental-psychological diagnostics of value-need sphere of personality at forensic-psychological expertise”.

Psychological and pedagogical problems were raised in the article I.V. Lopatkova « Artistic field of self-actualization as technology for emergence of identity of students of humanities institutions”.

Finally, the articles of O.A. Belobrykina “Experience of expert position teaching of students-psychologists” and L.P. Zhuravlyova, N.I. Basmanova “Features of development of ecological consciousness in adulthood” deal with the themes of developmental psychology and acmeology.

Obviously, along with so many discussed topics on the pages of our collection, nevertheless, many other issues are left out, the coverage of which we plan to make in the next issues.


Enjoy your reading and new ideas!

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